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well, a heartwarming update to a sad story we brought you a while back. a world war ii vet has returned home after two teens burglarized
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and ransacked his house. a home coming made possible thanks to volunteers who spent e damage. the crime happened days after 93-year-old elbert wood buried his wife of 57 years. volunteers came together to repair the damage, also putting in a new roof and installing a security fence and surveillance cameras. they collected another $45,000 in donations to help elbert with any of his other needs. good for them. a happy ending to a sad story. hey, thanks for watching, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. sued b with shepard smith live in rome. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast, 9 p.m. here in rome. ash wednesday drawing to a close. the vatican behind me. that's st. peter's basilica you see over my shoulder where pope benedict xvi celebrated what is likely his last public mass as leader of the six billion catholics around the world.
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today also the first time we've seen his holiness since he announced he's too tired to continue his role as pope. earlier he told a cheering and tearful crowd that he is stepping down for the good of the church. now the vatican is giving us a better idea of exactly how that transition will work. we've also learned when the cardinals will meet to elect the next pope. much more on that later in this hour live from rome. but first, we have new signs that the rogue excop suspected in several murders died after yesterday's dramatic shootout in the mountains of big bear lake in california. a source is telling the associated press that a charred body plus a wallet and other personal items turned up inside that burned out cabin at the center of the standoff including a driver's license bearing the name christopher dorner. that source did not reveal how investigators found those items or what condition they're in now. remember, law enforcement said
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that a man who appeared to be christopher dorner holed himself inside the cabin yesterday amid gun fights with sheriff's deputies. today los angeles police suggested that investigators may be able to identify that body soon. >> that will depend on the condition of the body that's recovered, it will depend on the forensics that are available and the laboratories that are available. i would not make any assumptions right now, but again, those types of identifications can be expedited in these types of circumstances, and i'm sure everything will be done to do that. >> police have blocked off the road here roughly five to six miles away from the cabin. yesterday a cbs news reporter found himself at the center of the action. actually, a reporter for the station kcbs in los angeles and captured this video of one of the fire fights.
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carter evans, the reporter there who was taking that video, and you saw one officer apparently throwing a smoke grenade there, that reporter is safe but it's looking more and more like the suspect is now dead. remember, investigators say that the former officer had targeted police and their families after the lapd fired him in 2009. they point to his on line manifesto which included this quote. self preservation is no longer important to me. we have team fox coverage. adam housley at big bear, but first let's get to trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom who led our coverage last evening as all of this was going down. trace, we're learning that dorner may have been watching the police during their search? >> reporter: yeah, because during part of this manhattan,
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shep, or maybe even all of it, dorner was hold up in this kind of apartment or condominium complex. wremember, that's where the two maids kind of walked on him and he tied them up. well, that building overlooked the parking lot of the ski resort and that's the area where the police had set up their command post. that was also the media complex area. very fright inning when you -- frightening when you consider what he wrote. i will mitigate all risks, threats, and hazards. i assure you that incident command post will be target rich environments. we also know that dorner had a great deal of firepower up inside that building. they were looking for him, shep. he was looking at them, and apparently he could have attacked at any moment. shep? >> shepard: you mentioned the two maids he walked in on there, trace. it's my understanding that one of those maids is the one who called 9-1-1. >> reporter: yeah. that's when they put out the all points bulletin for that purple nissan, the car that he stole from that collection, and that's
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when fish and game first came in contact with the purple nissan, but dorner was able to evade the first group of fish and game. he ditched the nissan and that's when he carjacked a white truck. the driver of that truck said that dorner pointed a rifle at him and calmly told him to get out and to take his dog. listen. >> he was dressed in all camouflage, had a big assault sniper type rifle. i couldn't see for sure if he had a sight arm on it or not. and he had a vest on, you know, like a ballistics vest. he was dressed up to do some damage, it looked like. >> reporter: and apparently he did do some damage, clearly killing a sheriff's deputy, wounding another. they will now identify christopher dorner's body using fingerprints and dental records. there's still no explanation at all, shep, as to how his driver's license made it through
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that fire. >> shepard: really incredible. tries gallagher live in la. let's get more on who chris dorner was and whachesz behind s behind the manifesto. adam housley is live at big bear outside of los angeles to the east and up in the hills. what do we know, if anything, about this guy's mindset, adam. >> reporter: we know that he had a specific list of people from the lapd and others he wanted to take out. he also said law enforcement in general and for that matter, anybody in the general public who might try to help law enforcement. yesterday we saw the fact that he came across three individuals, the people that trace spoke about, the two maids as well as the man in the white truck. he let them all go with the idea that he was going to be going after police officers. at the same time, the officers up here not only with the police department and sheriff departments but also with the department of forestry and fish and game, they all knew what they were dealing with, the
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threat that existed even as they started to dial back. we heard that from fish and game this morning. take a listen. >> he tried to think it through as best he could. one of our challenges was to try to put ourselves into the mind of this suspect which it's hard to do that. what we can do is figure out his capability, figure out his training, do our best to estimate what equipment he has. with he h we know he has firear, what kind of firearms. that comes into play when engaged in a manhunt of this scale. >> reporter: we're told that dorner's body was found in a basement. that might be why some items were found. that will play out as the investigation continues, shep. >> shepard: there's relief at big bear lake. from what i'm reading, at least, some skepticism from conspiracy theorists. >> reporter: there is still some skepticism until it's totally finalized. it may take a couple of weeks for the forensics depending on
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how the body was found. you have people here trying to get back to normal. you know, yesterday people were starting to get back to normal about this time. that's when all this really happened, but today people are a bit easier. however, at the same time they're a little bit on edge, still, until they get the final notification that those remains found inside that cabin are those of christopher dorner and that forensic report comes back with that positive identification, shepherd. >> shepard: adam housley at big bear lake. thanks very much. you remember there was a million dollar reward for people, for anyone who might help lead to the arrest and conviction of this man? as it turns out, there seems a possibility that nobody will get that million dollars. the website tmz is pointing out that the los angeles mayor offered up the reward for information that leads to the, quote, capture and conviction of christopher dorner. the thing is, if dorner turns up dead, you can't convict. joining us now to discuss where this case goes from here, officer dale witham from the
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california highway patrol which is helping the san bernadino county che sheriff's sheriff's . he was at one of the checkpoints. sir what is the bottom line on this -- on this reward, do you know he? >> good morning, shep. i can't comment on the reward at this point. i know he that the mayor of los angeles had made that statement, and at this point where we are in the investigation, we just don't know, so it remains to be determined. >> shepard: some incredible team work up on that mountain and all through the valley to boot. there must be an enormous sigh of relief in the law enforcement community today. >> we're working side by side. we're supporting their operation by monitoring traffic, by manning some closures.
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as trace said earlier, we're still kind of on edge about this thing. we're waiting to close the lid on it, so to speak. hopefully that happens. >> shepard: i'm guessing that will take some time. >> we're ready to end it. hopefully that happens soon. > >> shepard: you know the satellite delay is two and a half seconds from rome to new york and another two and a half seconds from new york to you. it's more difficult than i might have imagined, but for those who have lost their lives in this, i wonder if there's any way for the police -- for the law enforcement community to say how can we stop this in the future? it just seems like one of those impossible conditions from an impossible person. >>person. >> it's a good question, shep. you know, some people you just don't know. you don't know what's going to happen to them with a life event.
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this individual obviously had some problems, and it's just tragic. like i said earlier, hopefully we can put an end to this nightmare and get on to doing what we do best, serving the people of southern california. >> shepard: i certainly hope you can. officer dale witham with us from one of the checkpoints out there. thank you, officer, and the best to you and yours. christopher dorner killed four people before the final showdown. coming up, the lapd buries one of their own. yesterday we told you about sewage ?rashing throug splooshie hulls of that disabled cruise ship. things haven't gotten better. we're told they've gotten much worse. we'll talk with a couple of women that both have 12-year-old daughters on that ship on this special edition of "studio b" live tonight from rome on ash wednesday. hungry for the best?
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>> shepard: a dream vacation, no doubt. just think of it. thousands of passengers and crew stuck on a filthy, powerless, broken down cruise ship. they won't be back to dry land until this time tomorrow. that's the word from the coast guard which reports tugboats are now towing that 900 foot long carnival triumph to port no bahamas. think of that. as long as three football fields back-to-bback-to-back-to-back. the ship had a fire in the engine room which knocked out almost all the leck tries which means almost no toilets work, no air conditioning, and long lines for what little food we're told is still available. passengers have reported hallways filled with raw sewage, flooded rooms, brutal heat, and, of course, now an ungodly stench. the boat is also reportedly listing to one side, and we're told that one of the few things left to eat as was the case yesterday, onion sandwiches.
12:17 pm
casey stegall is live with more. why is it -- i know there's an explanation now for why he they don't just send another ship to rescue these poor people living in a big toilet bowl. >> reporter: carnival officials have said it's simply too dangerous to transfer more than 4,000 people on board to another vessel in the middle of the gulf of mexico because the waters are very choppy out there, so right now they're being told to basically sit tight. easier said than done when you talk about the filth that they're reportedly living in. if there's a silver lining here, no injuries have been reported, but we did speak with a former carnival cruise line senior officer who tells us that these unsanitary conditions could prompt some serious health concerns. >> now you've got the possibility of disease. we've seen norovirus outbreaks pretty frequently on the ships. i imagine the housekeeping department is doing double time duty not only cleaning the mess that's coming out of the drain
12:18 pm
but wiping down every handrail, elevator button, everything in the common areas. >> reporter: the ship is due in mobile, alabama between 1 and 4 tomorrow afternoon and late word just coming in, shepard, that a third tugboat as now been dispatched to get this thing safely back to land. > >> shepard: man. i bet you'll be able to smell that thing from a mile away once it gets in mobile. besides that, what do they do once they dock? >> reporter: well, more than 20 charter planes have been secured and they're going to be flying the passengers from mobile to houston and then they will be driven down to the port of galveston where this whole cruise ship originated, and carnival tells us they've also secured more than 1500 hotel rooms in mobile and new orleans for thursday night, but for people who want to get home immediately and are basically over this, coaches will drive folks to galveston once they get off the ship tomorrow afternoon. their compensation? a full refund of this cruise and
12:19 pm
a credit toward a future carnival cruise, shep, if they want to get back on the ship after this is all said and done. >> shepard: i'm confident -- i'm sure that's what happens. thank you so much for a great trip. can't wait to see you here next time because this was just perfect. could we do it sure. imagine you're a mom. yeah. you've gotta have another one of these. imagine you're a mom, two moms with two 12-year-old children seeing the kids off, you know. they're probably in about the seventh grade, have fun with your daddies. two little kids stuck on their with -- stuck on there with with their dads. also security experts here -- well, not here. this is italy. but security experts back there in the united states have been sounding plenty of alarms about north korea's latest nuclear test. just imagine how people living on the same peninsula must feel.
12:20 pm
north korea's neighbors are getting pretty jittery. details next as we report live from we ever it is we happen to be. today it happens to be rome. tonight it happens to be rome. it's a beautiful night. it's freezing. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hidden fees. but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪ ♪ or just go to e-trade and save it. boom. ♪
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>> shepard: now back to all the good times happening on the carnival cruise ship out there in the gulf of mexico where they have onion breath and toilet feet. with with us now, mary and kim, each a mother of a passenger on the carnival triumph. mary's daughter is 10 years old, not 12. her name is rebecca. kim's daughter is 12, and her name is allie. mary, have you had any contact with rebecca at all? have they said how this whole onion/bathroom thing is mixing
12:24 pm
for them? >> i've had some contact with rebecca. she called me on monday about 1:30, hysterically crying because she was scared. >> shepard: awwww. >> she was very, very scared. she didn't know what was going to happen, but what she was most scared about is that she was afraid that she would never get to see me again, and that's -- that was very hard to convince her that it was going to be okay, you know. i had to convince myself because i'm learning, too, but to convince a 12-year-old child that, you know, she'll get to see me again. it was very hard. it was very hard for me. >> shepard: wow. i can't even imagine. kim, what have you heard? >> well, my daughter called me at the same time that mary's daughter called her, and i could hear rebecca just crying and screaming on the other end of the phone, and my daughter was crying mommy, i want to come home, please just come get me,
12:25 pm
come take me home. please just be there to come pick me up. please, mama, i want to go home. it's so hot, it's so hot, mama, please come get me. just to hear your daughter's gut wrenching cry and you can't go and get her. you know, you feel helpless. but i got her calmed down and asked her where he dad was, you know, and her dad got on the phone. >> shepard: i didn't mean to interrupt, i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. it's kind of hard to hear. >> shepard: it's a satellite delay. i hate it more than you do. go ahead. tell me the story and how they're coping through all of this. i mean, i can't even imagine. i have little nieces and nephews. i can't imagine stuff like that. mommy is always supposed to be able to fix it. >> right. mommy fixes it, mommy cleans it up. mommy gets it all together. >> that's why kim and i are here. we want to be here when that ship comes in to make sure that our daughters know that even despite everything bottom line,
12:26 pm
their mommies are here. that's why we're here. that's why we drove seven hours late last night. >> shepard: you guys are saints. i bet they're going to appreciate it. i wonder if, you know, we read all of these reports. so often what we get is the worst of the reports. you just hope maybe it's not quite that bad. how has it been described to you guys by your husbands? >> on monday my ex-husband informed me that they were eating the onion sandwiches. they had some fruit. they had warm water out of bottled water, not anything cold. that they were requesting that they use the restroom in red plastic bags because the toilets were overog flowing and the raw sewage was coming up through the showers. that was on monday. this boat has been shaking around for three more days after that. that has got to be horrible.
12:27 pm
we've brought, you know -- we've contacted our family doctors. we brought the antibiotics to get them started on until we can get back to the doctor, you know, just for the bacteria that's probably just running all over their bodies since they can't take and wash their hands with soap and water. it's just -- i'm hoping that i might be describing a much more disgusting picture, but i'm having a fear that i'm not. i really am. > >> shepard: yeah. that's been the fear throughout. there's so many levels on these things, the cabins are down in the bowels of this, no pun intended, of this ship. i don't know how you can sleep down there. it's in the 90s. where are they sleeping? >> when i talked to rebecca, she told me that the first night, sunday night, she actually slept in the hallway on the floor. they had an interior cabin with no window, and with no power, no air conditioning, no air
12:28 pm
circulation, no anything, and they slept in the hallway on the floor the first night. >> shepard: wow. >> after that, i've not -- either one of us have talked to our daughters. we don't know what's happened since then. there's been no communication whatsoever. >> shepard: i'm out of time, sadly. i don't know what you're -- how you're dealing with it. let me ask you this. they're going to give you your money back and a free ticket to do it again. i just woul wonder where you mit deposit that gift from carnival. >> i don't think we're going to be getting one of those. that would be up to the father-daughter trip if they want to get anything. >> the mothers aren't getting anything for the stress they put us through. >> shepard: maybe you just take it down the beach and go to destin or something, go he to panama city beach next time and chill on the crystal white stand. i've never seen it a toilet situation. best to the girls. make a video and tell them welcome home and i hope they get over this.
12:29 pm
man. >> i hope so, too. >> shepard: can you imagine if your kids are out there and your mom is sitting at home? makes your skin crawl. continuing coverage of the manhunt for the rogue excop who may have met his end yesterday. in fact, we believe he did. the suspect has been linked to four deaths now and we'll take you to the funeral of one of those victims, a former police officer or i should say a fellow police officer. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news live from rome on "studio b". ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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>> shepard: it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news live tonight from rome. funeral services today for the police officer who died last week reportedly at the hands of that rogue ex-cop, christopher dorner. investigators say that the victim was waiting at a red light when the suspect ambushed his patrol car, killed the on duty officer, and wounded his partner. as we've reported here, the suspect, christopher dorner, apparently engaged in a shootout with law enforcement yesterday in the mountains in california and the charred body at the scene is believed to be his. william la jeunesse live outside the los angeles police department headquarters. william? >> reporter: well, shepard, while we're waiting an official confirmation from the coroner, based on what witnesses say and
12:34 pm
what law enforcement is doing, there is no mystery. christopher dorner is dead, and this manhunt is over. and today the men in blue laid to rest one of his victims, 34-year-old michael crane, an 11-year veteran of riverside pd. he was blindsided last week while stopped at a red light. today his department, the governor, and 7,000 paid their respects, the procession more than a mile long. crane was remembered as a loving husband and father who leaves behind his wife, a 10-year-old son ian whose baseball team he coached and 4-year-old caitlin with whom he took dance classes every week. >> if you don't remember anything else that we tell you about your dad, remember this. you were the light of his life. >> he was the kind of guy that would take the shirt off his back for you and then say hey, you need my shoes. this is mike. he would give you everything and then some. he just simply would not quit.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: a former marine, crane will be laid to rest at riverside national cemetery. shepard? >> shepard: and it appears at least now, william, that dorner claimed three other lives along the way. >> reporter: yeah. dorner, you know, he justified this rampage by saying that he was the victim of an unfair firing based partially on racism. his rhet retribution was color d and entirely unwanted. ten years ago he killed a woman and her fiance. he shot four other officers who survived and another who did not. a san bernadino deputy was killed yesterday as he bravely confronted dorner hold up inside that cabin. >> it was horrifying to listen to that firefight and to hear those words officer down is the most gut-wrenching experience you can have as a police officer. >> reporter: now, lapd said it
12:36 pm
will rehe examine dorner's dismissal case. that's what he wanted. of course, that brings no peace, shepard, to the four families who lost loved ones in the prime of their lives. back to you. >> william la jeunesse outside headquarters in los angeles. to arizona and the really incredible of a trial of a woman who is accused of murdering her boyfriend in a fit of jealousy. prosecutors claim this woman, joe kejodi arias, stabbed her boyfriend. she says in self defense, but she stabbed him 27 times and she shot him and she slit his throat ear to ear after she suspected he was cheating on her, but she said she did it in self defense. she doesn't deny killing travis alexander, but she said she was defending herself. the prosecutors were allowed -- were accused of misconduct. they asked the judge to penalize the prosecutor by removing the option of the death penalty.
12:37 pm
it was a nice try. the judge said it's not happening. yesterday georgia heard graphic -- jurors heard graphic conversation recorded the month before she killed him. most of the details are way too graphic for this television station or most any, but the couple could be heard having sex on the recording. in one part of it, the victim could be hard talking about tying the defendant to a tree and then other things. we're told the defendant cried in court,ace in her hands as that audio played in the presence of her family as well as the victim's family. court is now in recess. a number of banks including the four biggest banks in the united states now said to be holding more than $200 million in insurance money that the banks reportedly owe to victims of superstorm sandy, $200 million. that's according to the new york governor andrew cuomo. as you probably know by know,
12:38 pm
home insurers have paid out billions in claims since that devastating storm last october, but the wall street journal which is owned by the parent company of this network reports now more than 4,000 homeowners are reportedly having a lot of difficulty getting their payments. checks which add up to more than $30,000 per household on average. the banks claim the hold up is due to the fact that maybe of those victims used their homes as collateral on their mortgages, houses that are damaged or destroyed. think of it. you had money in your house. you used that as collateral, but now there's no house. governor cuomo said the delay is unacceptable and that the banks need to dole out the money that they owe. the fox business network business anchor jerry willis is live with us from new york. what else are the banks saying about their handling of $200 million. >> here's what the banks are saying. they said they've doled out 74%
12:39 pm
of the 87% of funds they've had, so they've already put out most of the money. why are they doing this and holding money back? to safeguard their collateral. remember, they're the ones that made the loans for the homes. they're the ones that ultimately really own these homes. you might own it in name, but it's the bank's money at risk. they're trying to protect, they say, their collateral and they're trying to protect consumers who might be dealing with folks out there. you've seen it before on the news who say they're going to take care of your house and fix it but don't. shep? >> shepard: well, one thing we learned back in the financial crisis is symptom holders lost their -- stockholders lost their money. everybody in the process lost money except for the big banks. again, the big banks are protecting their money. the new york governor also sent letters to fannie mae and freddie mac. why did he do that? >> the government, as you know, backs most of the mortgages in the country. freddy and nanny are in charge
12:40 pm
-- freddie and fannie are in charge of these loans. fema is the slowest. private insurers have done a far better job. >> shepard: all right. gerri willis in new york. we'll watch for you this afternoon. 5:00 eastern time on the willis report. we could know who will be the next pope in a little more than a month or so. whoever gets the nod will lead the church through very difficult and confusing times. we'll look at what's ahead for catholics around the world that's next as "studio b" reports live from rome.
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12:43 pm
>> shepard: 41 minutes past 9 p.m. here in rome. the vatican behind me, and there pope benedict's final public mass is now in the books. thousands of worshipers packed st. peter's basilica for the ash wednesday service, marking the start of lent. the retiring 85-year-old rode down the aisle in a wheeled platform, sparing
12:44 pm
him from having to walk. it's not easy for him these days. the pope made his exit in the basilica erupted in standing ovation. today we caught up with some tourists in st. peter's square all here to watch history unfold. >> in 600 years it hasn't happened. to be here is quite special. >> shepard: as the sun set on vatican city, thousands lined up for mass with the pope to receive their ashes and mark the start of length. >> we weren't going to come on ash wednesday because we figured the crowds would be crazy or nuts, but we figured it was a special day. it's ash wednesday. kind of planted it all in one and made it happened. >> shepard: many tourists planned their trips months in advance and learned about the pope's resignation only from messages from home. >> my mom e-mails me and said the pope resigned and lightning struck the vatican. i was like great. the one day i come to italy,
12:45 pm
she's like coming to my country. done. >> shepard: the significance of the occasion is not lost on this group of students studying abroad from chicago. >> our teacher explained that this hasn't happened since 1415. i didn't even know a pope could resign. it was shocking. >> a resignation is big in the catholic church. definitely shock is what's running through. >> shepard: today we learned when the college of cardinals will likely meet to elect a new pope. vatican officials now say the conclave starts somewhere between march the 15th and 20th. more likely the 15th or closer to it anyway. they say the pope will attend a farewell ceremony on his last day, february 28th. he will fly off in a helicopter to the pope's summer retreat outside room. with us now is the "new york times" rome bureau chief. rachel, fascinating times.
12:46 pm
what do you make of the resignation, surprise? >> i was in some ways surprised and in other ways not surprised. >> how so? >> the pope himself in 2010 in a book of interviews said that he felt that if he was no longer physically or mentally able to do the job that he would not rule out resigning, but that doesn't mean that any of us on monday morning really expected this to happen. >> shepard: there's more to it than this. the church is going through a lot and times are very difficult for the man leading it. >> i think that's very true. this was a papacy that until monday probably would have been remembered as one that was troubled, filled with scandals, difficulties of governance and communications, but i think what the pope did was something really radical which was turn a troubled papacy into something that will really make church history. >> shepard: and how does the church take this moment and seize upon it to make itself better? >> i think that's really an excellent question. the cardinals are going to be gathering here in a few weeks to
12:47 pm
elect benedict's successor and will probably be thinking very hard about what direction they want the church to go, about what qualities of leadership and spiritual guidance they're looking for in the next pope. the fact that he resigned, retired, didn't die which is normally what happens with popes sets a huge precedent. they might be thinking we want someone young enough to do this job and they might be thinking in the future other popes will retire. >> shepard: you hear from the sin i cans and from some of those connected it's all politics. sure, in the end it's god's will, what happens in the cistene chapel. >> he took an office that was almost mystical, divine, and turn it into something more human. he said i'm not up to the job. i'm not going to do it. it sends a very strong negligent to the vatican ire ar ke hierart you need to deal with this.
12:48 pm
in some ways you can see it as a sign of weakness. i see he it as a sign of strength like okay, i'm outta here. you guys fix this place. >> shepard: there are a lot of things most catholics would agree need fixing, and the sex scandals continue. >> that's true, and i think that the pope in some ways addressed them. victims' groups say he didn't do enough. >> shepard: he was the first to meet them face-to-face. >> john paul met some of them. on his watch they started paying attention in park because it was unavoidable. i guess the next pope will have to very much deal with this issue. i think that really what has to happen now is they're going to choose someone who has the energy to carry on. it's a tough job and you need a lot of strength for it. >> shepard: it is a tough job. you're talking about six billion people. from your reporting, do you have a sense there's a frontrunner? >> that's very hard to say. that's god's will, shep. i think there are a lost different cardinals in the works
12:49 pm
-- a lot of different cardinals in the work. the question is whether the italians in the conclave will choose an italian. sometimes it feels the church is run like an italian village. there's tension between the locals and people who come from around the world. i'm not sure who is the frontrunner. some people say italians, others say it's time for an african pope. there's always a divide. >> rachel, we'll watch for you as our viewers can at over fascinating times ahead. thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: the westminster kennel club has crowned the best in show. a funny looking pooch, really. don't tell him i said that. his name is banana joe. the pup is up next live. we always have here in studio b the winner of the westminster kennel club show, best in show in "studio b" every year.
12:50 pm
i'm usually there. so guess who's going to play with the puppy? the brick will ... next. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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12:53 pm
>> shepard: well, we now know which pooch is the top dog in all the land, a little black fur ball called banana joe. >> the best in show winner for the 137th westminster kennel club dog show, the affenpinscher. >> oh, yes, the affenpinscher. you knew it woul would be. i never heard of an affenpinscher before, either, but that means almost nothing. it's the first time that this affenpinscher type of doing has ever won this best in show contest. the judge said it was the best one of its kind he has ever
12:54 pm
seen. then there's a name, banana joe. that's pretty awesome, too. smushed in little face and all, like jonathan hunt, a resident brit who is live with wit banana joe. >> reporter: he's really the cutest dog i've ever seen in my life, with his handler and the co-host of the dog show. smushed in face, monkey like, and now best in show. he's proved everybody wrong. >> well, i guess he did because he's the first time this breed ever gets the prize, and he's just so wonderful, really. takes command of the ring every time he shows. >> reporter: he is the cutest thing. the old english shepherd seemed to be the crowd favorite. i'm personally fond of anything old and english. what made him special? why do you think he won yesterday? >> well, he possesses great
12:55 pm
charisma. he's so correct in every feature requested for his breed. the way he ran around the ring, trotting in the right way, i think it's just on par. >> reporter: what i loved as well last night was everybody was walking around with the dogs looking very serious. you were joyful when he jumped off that reviewing stand. you were kissing him. you just looked like a happier couple than the rest of them. >> these breeds, they are supposed to have comi can seriousness about them. that's what he is. he's down to business. every time, mostly every time he gets excited when he's competing and he goes down to the ground to gait. he shakes so hard that he loses his balance, and he thinks it's all serious. he has to make you laugh. it's -- i knew he was ready once he did that. >> reporter: you've seen a lot of these shows. were you surprised? >> i've done 24 of them now. i've seen joe here in a bunch of shows in the last few years. he's always looked great, and i knew he was great dog.
12:56 pm
i knew he had a shot to win. wasn't surprised that he won. what was especially fun was today all the things we're doing today, going in all the green rooms and all the talk shows and everything and seeing him light it up everywhere we go. love it, be part of the crowd and love having his picture taken. >> a lot of us who don't follow the dog show world think of best in show, the christopher guest movie. when i saw michael.
12:57 pm
>> joe, wonderful to meet you. congratulations. thank you. shep, by the way, i found out today there is a breed called an eye talitalian shepherd. it's a cross breed. apparently it's a dog of great intelligence and a tenacious defender of property and lifestyle. >> shepard: i think the two of you have a lot in common. jonathan hunt with best in show.
12:58 pm
we need to remember that great man who helped us all with our careers. we miss him and we love him and we're so glad you have this relationship with the kennel club. he was a very cool man.
12:59 pm

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